Discovering the new Courrèges fragrances

Courrèges Reinvents the Art of Perfumery: Immersion in New Fragrances

Dear perfume lovers, it's time to discover a new chapter in the olfactory universe of the famous Courrèges house. Let's immerse ourselves in their new collection of perfumes, rich in emotions and full of creativity.


C: The Essence of Courrèges

C, initial of Courrèges, announces a universal perfume. Representing elegance in all simplicity, this fragrance will captivate you with its clean linen accord, its heart of jasmine and its base note of ambrox. This is the very essence of the new couturier-perfumer momentum of Maison Courrèges.


WE love : Its lightness and elegance that goes for all occasions.



The Messenger: Epistolary Love  

Le Messager is an olfactory interpretation of the blue of the ink deposited on a correspondence between two lovers. A fresh start of bergamot essence, an enigmatic heart of ink accord and a base of white musks: it's a magnetic fragrance that captures the sweetness of new feelings and the simple desire for connection.


WE love : Its singularity with the smell of ink which adds a cozy atmosphere.



Slogan: Vibrant Energy

Slogan is the hymn to the energy of free and moving bodies. A creation between vibration and olfactory addiction, this unique perfume offers an airy and transparent start thanks to the juniper berry, enhanced by a tinted base of musky ambrox. This is the radical and romantic vision of emotion by Nicolas Di Felice, artistic director of the House.


WE love : Its subtle spicy notes and the white musk that softens this woody ensemble.



Second Skin: A Legacy

In homage to the iconic "second skin" knits, Courrèges presents an eau de parfum that envelops and brings comfort. The fragrance reveals a pine wood/tea leaf accord, between resin and freshness, ideal for free and unconstrained bodies.


WE love : Its musky and green side that makes us feel fresh throughout the day.



The Daughter of the Air: Freedom and Light

A feminine icon of the House, the Girl of the Air embodies all the freedom of expression, movement and life that Courrèges offers to its creations. Its new avatar presents top notes of neroli, a heart of orange blossom and a base of white musks, evoking a surge of lightness and a wake of light.


WE love : Its sweet bouquet.



The Footprint: Courrèges' First Love

Originally, there was "Empreinte", the first perfume from Maison Courrèges. In 2021, "the Footprint" symbolizes an emotional space-time. Its chypre structure has been modernized, adorned with a bergamot/patchouli accord with gourmand and amber accents.


WE love : Its legendary wake with gourmet and amber accents.



 L'Eau de Liesse: A pure and addictive trail 

Finally, we discover the fragrance of L'eau de Liesse which combines transparent and luminous notes of neroli, a dazzling floral heart where iris blends with sambac jasmine and heliotrope, and a base where white musks and ambroxan offer a velvety and enveloping wake. A true olfactory addiction signed Courrèges.


WE love : Its comforting voluptuousness mixed with a dazzling floral heart.


Each of these new fragrances expresses a unique aspect of Courrèges' heritage. The house continues to surprise us with its daring creations, which reflect its pioneering spirit and its exceptional know-how. We can't wait to find out what Courrèges has in store for us in the future.