Ridoki : How to use it

The ridoki is a very powerful tool of Traditional Chinese Medicine originally used to revive the Vital energy (=Qi) (the meridians are present in large numbers around the face)

Its daily use will stimulate the synthesis of collagen and elastin, to boost cell renewal, the synthesis and renewal of fibroblasts. Ridoki also stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation.
The Ridoki routine is to be carried out every day for 1 month to see the first results. Let us walk you through exactly how to use it.
Apply a product before performing the massage (oil, cream or serum). Do not self-massage on dry skin!

The pressure to be applied, unlike the Gua Sha, is quite light. We push but not too much! If the Ridoki hurts you, lighten your movement.

Before starting the self-massage, drain manually for a few seconds to stimulate the lymph nodes: a few patting under the mandible with all your fingers, then a few small smooth rubbing in front of the ear with the index and middle fingers, and finally patting behind the collarbones with the fingertips.

The Ridoki technique is carried out in grids. Go back and forth in rows, at least 3 times per row before moving to the next row, first vertically, then horizontally. The movements can be quite fast.

The little spikes will make the skin red, this is completely normal, and rather a good sign!

You can also make small, more intense movements on the area or areas with more marked wrinkles.
Vertical lines, back and forth. We start from the collarbone to go up to the mandible, then horizontally.
Horizontal: start from the jawbone to the top of the cheekbone. Vertically: we start at the corner of the lips and go up to the ear, pass over 3 times, then we shift to the line above. Under the wing of the nose to the ear, from the wing of the nose to the temple, passing over the cheekbone… and so on,… Without forgetting the area close to the ear, which is left aside often and wilts very early!

Then vertically, again without forgetting the area close to the ear, often neglected and wilts very early on. In your vertical movements, run along the nose to the corner of the lips (stimulates the area of ​​the nasolabial fold, on which we can insist, and have a little more pressure) then the chin, vertical then horizontal.
Vertical then horizontal movements.
Lip contouring
Purse your lips and perform several passes with pressure adapted to your sensations. You can even pass over the mouth, if you have wrinkles there.
Eye contour
Apply less pressure than on the rest of the face. Work all around the eye, maintaining the tissues: back and forth slowly under the eye. As close to the eye as possible, without putting it in, of course. :-)) Stimulating the eye area is very important: The Ridoki will be very effective in addition to your eye contour products (against wrinkles, bags and dark circles). We then make small back and forth on the crow's feet area.
Back and forth on the arch, then up and down in short movements.
Glabellar Lines
Back and forth in squares, from the bottom to the top and horizontally (and even obliquely, to put all the chances on our side !!).
And finally, the forehead
3 back and forth on each row: from left to right, up to the scalp, then from the top to the bottom. To conclude this routine, you can massage all over with your stone rollerblading (Sentara) cold if you have one!

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Text: Céline / Biutiful Creative Studio - La Superbe / Photo: Sarah / Biutiful Creative Studio