Tips for keeping your hands beautiful

With all the disinfectants used for a year, coming out of a difficult winter and the cold that is still there, your hands are struggling. So here are some tips to keep them looking good:

First step: choose a quality hydro-alcoholic gel.
Aesop have the power to disinfect while maintaining the hydration rate, they smell good, in addition, and this is not negligible. The latest addition to the range smells of geranium, spring, flowers, plants, and it's the perfect size to always have it on hand (ahah). Geranium Leaf Leave-In Hand Gel

In a more fun version, you will opt for the Kerzon sprays, with lots of fruity scents, and they are refillable (return the empty container, leave the container full! -)

Make scrubs!
Yes, the skin of your hands deserves as well as your face. You can use the same scrubs as those for the face, remaining soft when exfoliating, the area is fragile, and often more damaged than elsewhere. But this step is essential for your creams to penetrate well.

Daily: use it Aesop Reverence Gel, it contains sweet little grains of finely ground Pumice, and can be used as many times a day as you want, as long as you apply cream often!

Aesop aromatic Reverence hand washing gel

And more punctually
, when you feel that your hand cream is struggling to take effect, you can do a scrub (at the same time as your bi-weekly face exfoliations) for example theMa Thérapie "shea almond honey coffee" exfoliant : it is soft and leaves a feeling of softness thanks to the shea butter it contains. Massage massage massage the product on dry skin, everywhere, the top, the bottom, the nails, between the fingers, the forearms!
Then rinse, massaging again, with lukewarm water. Dry your hands well after cleaning and exfoliation.

Level cream, you have a plethora of choices; depending on your hands, your tastes, depending on the time of day….

to take everywhere: la On the Wild Side hand cream for its pocket size and easy application (no greasy film) make it an ally at all times.

On the Wild side hand cream

To have on the desk or at home: for its subtle fragrance and restorative texture (and its magnificent tube): Tangent GC YUZU hand cream

Tangent GC Yuzu Hand Cream

Et before you go to bed, apply a cream in a slightly thicker layer to leave it overnight to penetrate and repair. The Wild Rose Hand Cream N ° 116 L: A BRUKET : its delicate fragrance and its enveloping texture for an awakening with rejuvenated and repaired hands.

Swiss cream Astier de Villatte, meanwhile, transports you to a flowery meadow in spring (to make pretty dreams), it remains fine and delicate, AND ultra hydrating. And this beautiful bottle will certainly go perfectly on your nightstand:

Swiss cream by Astier de Villatte

Also apply Kure Bazaar cuticle balm, to take care of your hands to the tips of the nails, to be applied liberally around the edges of the nails and on the nail itself. and on the lips too.

Once a week, thanks to kure manicure set, make yourself a regenerating "mask" for the hands and emollient for the cuticles, followed by a treatment ... in front of a film, keep it as long as possible! -)

and that, just before the application of a varnish!

So as it is not easy for everyone to make themselves a perfect pose of a red on the hands, (especially on the right, eh, you know what i mean?) We opt for at home light and slightly transparent shades, at Kure Bazaar you have an almost endless choice. Favorite for Gloss nail polish, a slightly glittery transparent, with the most beautiful effect

or "French Eclat" for a more "nude" finish.

Small reminder for the installation of homemade varnish: a base coat - two coats of varnish (the thinnest possible) - a layer of top coat. So that your poses are beautiful and for a perfect outfit.

On a daily basis, whatever cream or oil day and night (face) you use, remember to finish the application on the hands (instead of rinsing)

Finally, absolutely never forget to protect your hands from the SUN. This is by far the most important thing you can do for them. Whether it's a sunny day of shopping or a lunch on the terrace (one day maybe), and even more at the beach or at the pool, always apply protection ALSO on the hands! (a product intended for the face or the body, it does not matter)
The entire range of SEVENTY ONE seems perfect to me, because natural, biodegradable (given that we wash our hands very often at the moment, it is even more important to use products with a low impact on the environment). Pick a high index, the hands are still out, and they don't have a hat.

And finally bis, remember to protect your hands from aggression. No cleaning without gloves. Neither dishes for that matter. For the home, despite wearing gloves (I'm sure you already do it systematically, don't you?) To use the most respectful products possible. For the household we offer you the KINFILL range, completely natural and rechargeable (good for you and for the planet therefore),

and for the dishes: KERZON liquids et L: A BRUKET make it a little less painful, because they are beautiful and smell extremely good.

Come on, see you 🤞🏼