Favorite of the week: Kinfill by Carol

Text and phtos: Carol / Biutiful Creative Studio

One day we received Kinfill products and I knew I needed them. Then I got them, and then I said to myself that I should talk to you about them.


Because the Kinfill brand alone concentrates 4 infallible arguments for cleaning more responsibly. I'll reveal them to you later. But first, let's talk about Kinfill. It is a Dutch brand. They only do household products. And they do it well.

They have developed 4 cleansers, with 2 objectives: to reduce our plastic consumption and to offer clean formulas, good for us and for the planet.

They started from the observation that the “cleaning industry” dirties the planet: in short, to be clean (us and our house) we pollute (us, our house and the planet. Find the error).

On the need to reduce the use of plastic: take the test yourself. If we open our cupboard with household products - the ugly cupboard in general - we can (almost) all count between 4 and 6 (more?) (I have 6 I just looked).

6 plastic bottles / bottles. That we finish, that we throw away then we redeem. Or worse: that you never finish, that you stock, then that ends up in the sink (because it sucked in fact) (or because you have a special floor cleaner ... but until proven otherwise you don't have terracotta tiles).

Regarding Kinfill products, they are made from environmentally friendly ingredients and the formulas are 100% biodegradable. Each cleaning product is sold in a concentrated form, in a glass vial, which we pour into the bottle, then we just add water. Simple.

As I don't do things by halves - including cleaning - I took the Full house kit, which contains the 4 products, namely:

- a multi-surface spray that smells good but really kind. A woody scent made from pine and cypress (Pine Husk). You can use it for all surfaces like ceramic, chrome, granite, concrete, steel, marble.
(So ​​yes, a little trick: they all smell so good, that at the beginning we tend to put more than necessary, as if we were using an interior perfume. But no in fact. do that. Well, it's no use what)

- a spray for the bathroom, which smells of lavender (Lavender)

- a spray for windows / mirrors with the super fresh scent of cucumber, lemon, melon (Cucumis). To be honest, no I didn't do my windows because it's 2 degrees outside so, there you go. It's no. I tried it on my large bathroom mirror. 

- and a cleaner (to be diluted) for the floor, citrus / rosemary scent (Naranja n ° 55) with a neutral pH, therefore usable on parquet, tiles, concrete ...

Each cleanser is available in all 4 scents. The box allows you to test them all so it's cool, but if you want just one cleanser, with a particular smell it's possible. So it smells great, great, but does it cleanse? Well yes (so much the better because otherwise my subject falls a bit flat). I haven't used anything else, and my sink, tub, and faucet shine, my countertop is clean, my mirror has no traces of toothpaste, and my floor is perfectly washed. Clarification: we are not in tele shopping, I am not selling you a "miracle product which dissolves the most stubborn stains" (and by the way which also dissolves your sense of smell, your eyes, flora and fauna. ). I used them under normal conditions, ie I did not test them on THE unrecoverable task. I just did some housework, eh.

Now I come to my 4 arguments to convince you to change your “cleaning routine” (wink, thumbs up):

1 - Let's settle the question of the price right away. At first glance it may seem expensive, but do the math: once you have the bottle, a refill costs € 4,95 (glass refill of course, recyclable cardboard packaging of course). Are the household products you usually buy really cheaper?

2 - Your Kinfill bottle, once you have it you keep it forever. You therefore reduce your plastic consumption. Because plastic, we give ourselves a clear conscience by putting it in the yellow bin, but it's not a scoop: it is far from being systematically recycled. So that's always what it takes! (6 plastic bottles less)

3 - You stop poisoning yourself with conventional cleaners, and poisoning the water. At the end of each cleaning session, after having rubbed all over the place with a whole bunch of products, we are generally quite proud. It's all clean, you feel good. But if we knew what we breathed…. and what we poured into the water…. So of course, some make their household products themselves, vinegar-based or otherwise. It is very good. Above all, keep going. Besides, if after a while you want to use your own formula, your "house cleaner", you have a great glass spray bottle.

4 - And the last argument, for those who are sensitive to it: you have a great product! Frankly, even for a household cleaner, isn't it nicer to have a nice bottle, rather than a white plastic bottle with an ugly label, skull, and phone number? poison Control Center ? (so we agree that even Kinfill, you must not drink the product eh, neither you, nor the child, nor the cat)

To conclude, by choosing Kinfill we save on plastic, we have a product that is pleasant to use, respectful of the environment, efficient, beautiful, design and recyclable (and entirely made in Europe). 

So now is the time to consider cleaning differently!

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