Manufacture of Les Albâtres de Trudon candles

Alabaster resembles marble but differs from it, among other things, by its translucency. Used for a very long time in stone carving or for sculptures (kind for a long time, at the time of antiquity), it was then replaced by marble.

This mineral is perfect as a candle container since the flame reveals its transparency. Like an almost translucent stone. Admit it, it is beautiful. Each candle is different and unique thanks to its material that is natural. Just admit it already : it's cool.

The creation of Trudon alabaster candles requires long and meticulous cutting and polishing work. Containers and lids are sculpted in more or less veined blocks from Spain.
If you're curious, this video shows you part of the process.

The candles The Alabasters. de Trudon are available in 4 scents, including 2 classics from Maison Trudon, Abdul Kader et Ernesto, and 2 exclusive fragrances available only in alabaster, Hemera et Atria.

Trudon scented candles.