Winter selection: for those who want to take care of themselves and the planet

Winter is finally here, and with it came the short days, snow and cold. It is now time to take care of yourself. Let us accompany you as best as possible to apprehend this season with products carefully selected for your needs.

Products which comfort, which relieve, which do good to the body as to the heart, products to take care of yourself and the planet!

Discover Be Adored lip balm View Tata Harper. This stick acts as a real treatment to hydrate the lips with an anti-aging effect. 100% natural, its formula plumps up while reducing fine lines or other signs of aging. Its cherry color lightly colors the lips, it is the perfect compromise between skincare and make-up for winter.

Even under layers of clothing, your body deserves a good hydration. So what's better than the body radiance dry oil View Nüssa with 100% natural scent of white tea and citrus to soothe and stimulate the skin. Thanks to the actions of organic Jojoba and organic Camellia, known for their anti-aging properties, this treatment brings suppleness and radiance to the epidermis. It can also be applied to hair, from lengths to ends.

The Nudist beanie, an essential to overcome the cold. The pine green color of the Prague model goes with every single outfits of yours! It is of course available in a multitude of different colors :)

Take advantage of a quiet moment to taste le green tea stem View Le Benefique. From the best certified organic plantations located on the shores of the Black Sea, this tea has a delicately scented taste of vanilla.

Take the time to listen to yourself thanks to Mon corps en équilibre, the illustrated naturopathic guide to reconnect with your body and the planet. To (re) get to know each other, to (re) find your physical and emotional balance with the help of a true initiatory journey full of poetry and humor, proposed by naturopaths Caroline Florentin and Geraldine Pezet. Written in French

Winter is the perfect season to have a good time at home, you may relax by lighting up Ayurvedic Evening incense View Cosmic dealer. Made from 100% natural wood, medicinal plants and Ayurvedic aromatic herbs, incense delicately scents the atmosphere with woody, warm and erotic notes, and a sweet smell of honey. Ayurvedic herbs promote healing and relaxation.

Then let yourself be lulled by the candle flame Ann vincent when the night begins to fall. The three candles Sole Set in organic soy wax represent the perfect combination of form and color, beauty and functionality which we love!


Text and photo: Sarah / Biutiful Creative Studio