Life resumes its course ...

and with her the lunches on the terrace ...

So as not to spoil the pleasure of this reunion, let's talk about the basics.

We continue to disinfect hands, with a quality hydro-alcoholic gel, always.
Le RESURRECTION rinse-free hand mist, liquid version, for a disinfection that is good for the nostrils too. (it smells very, very good)

We do not forget to protect your skin from the sun's rays (from whose departments? don't know ☔️) The version Seventy One high protection stick fits in the pocket so small it is, then there is no excuse. Easy application, mini format, maximum protection.
We also think of the body, the arms and all the patches of skin that protrude from our clothes, and the Aesop version, slightly minty, provides 50 protection, with a light and refreshing texture.
We don't forget our magazine, to wait while traveling, in Japan (since we are not really ready to return there) with the TEMPURA N ° 5, which teaches us a lot about this culture so distant from ours ...
and yes, as the summer takes a little (a lot) to arrive, we are thinking of taking a little wool. Or a pretty silk square, it's still classier. The new collection carries the colors of India high, to travel again, a little.
And then on the accessories side, we call the sun very loudly, with the Marrakech collection by Atelier Paulin that brings joy to your day.


Celine BiutifulText: Céline / Biutiful Creative Studio / Photos: FIFA Giphy / Biutiful Creative Studio