The Anatole Umbrellas by Sarah

At Biutiful, we have the accessory of the moment, an essential to always carry with you: The Anatole umbrella! I konw, an umbrelle isn't a dreamy item, but let me prove you wrong!  

Anatole is a 100% Parisian brand, 100% colorful and 100% cool!
Compact and therefore very practical, the Anatole umbrella is anchored in a responsible approach thanks to its strength and therefore its durability. The ribs are made of fiberglass, the mast of titanium and aluminum and it has carbon reinforcements. As you may have understood, there is no risk of reversal even if a storm were to come. 

Its small size allows you to slip it into a bag or pocket, curly bangs because of the rain have come to an end!  And in addition, the small storage pocket protects your belongings once the umbrella is wet. 
What better way to face the gray in style and especially in color! 
Ps: match it, of course, to your beanie by nudist ou Biutiful Lovers Club ;) 

Discover the beautiful color range of Anatole umbrellas.

Text and photo: Sarah / Biutiful Creative Studio