My Aesop routine by Joséphine

I like to let my skin breathe. Basically I don't put makeup on, on a daily basis, and I admit that I don't have a skin care routine either (to my great misfortune). Which is why I wanted to see what would happen if, for once, I took care of my skin. Spoiler alert: I was not disappointed.

I tested the Aesop routine and here's what I think of it...

I have combination skin with a lot of blemishes. I decided to test several products from their different ranges, so I could select my favorites (in the order of the routine): 

- The purifying cleansing cream : for its extreme softness
- Tea Tree Leaf Scrub : for its adaptability and efficiency without aggressiveness <3
- The parsley seed cleansing mask : for amazing results and an experience which resembles one of the clay masks but 10000 times softer and more pleasant (a real crush;))
- The Ambivalent toner : for its unbelievable smell
- The light hydrating serum : for its super hydration adapted to my combination skin needs
- TheAmbivalent moisturizer : also for its perfect hydration but ESPECIALLY because it is great to wear all day long (by that I mean no weird smell, no sticky texture, in short the top)Aesop routine by JoséphineI would like to end this article by pointing out that the Tea Tree exfoliating powder was a very pleasant discovery to make, used with the purifying cleansing cream, I was really able to dose according to my desires / needs. For those who, like me, struggled with overly aggressive facial scrubs; I strongly advise you to test this shocking duo!

Enjoy your new skin care routine :)

Text and photo: Joséphine / Biutiful Creative Studio