My 3 dream gifts at Biutiful by Thaïs

Admit it, you all have a list of things that you dream of gifting yourself or that you dream of receiving.
I'm that kind of person, I like having a secret list (but that I know how to divulge wisely 🙃). I even have a special Biutiful listing.

Dear loved ones, or a secret admirer, it's time to take notes! No more secretiveness, today I reveal to you a (very small) part of my list.

Comporta n ° 2 Pascale Monvoisin necklace
I like its finesse, the links that alternate and capture the light. It is at the same time delicate, sensual, discreet, fine but remarkably elegant, perfect for everyday wear.

Comporta n ° 2 Necklace by Pascale Monvoisin
Biutiful - Pascale Monvoisin Necklace
A set of La Soufflerie head glasses
La Soufflerie glasses make all the difference on a table. Each piece is unique, handcrafted and mouth blown. It's beautiful, it's chic!

La Soufflerie Head Glasses
La Soufflerie glass - Biutiful
An Oserée swimsuit (green glitter one-piece)
It's December, so what? In fact, it's good for our mental health with these mornings look alike days, the gray and cold weather, to project ourselves into our future vacations in the sun. And even if the sun's not here, it feels good to own such a beautiful swimsuit! So we don't hesitate to wear it for the holidays in a sparkling bodysuit version while waiting for the beach.

Oséree one-piece swimsuit body Lumière Green
Oséree swimsuit - Biutiful
Text: Thaïs / Biutiful Creative Studio - Photos: Sarah / Biutiful Creative Studio