On The Wild Side: being closer to nature to be closer to you


Text: Thaïs / Biutiful Creative Studio - Photos: Sarah / Biutiful Creative Studio


On The Wild Side it is a committed, desirable and beneficial cosmetic. It is an invitation to reconnect with nature, to reconnect with the wild but above all with oneself.

This range is organic and 100% natural formulas. There is no synthetic product. The active ingredients present come from wild pickings, ie they are directly picked by hand in their natural Eco-system. This method allows wild plants to develop more active ingredients than a cultivated plant.

The two wild plants that are present in all OTWS products are beech buds and birch sap which have regenerating and revitalizing properties.

For the rest of the composition we find vegetable oils such as sweet almond oil, camelina, borage ...

As for the packaging, it has also been thought out intelligently. 100% French manufacture, the bottles are made of glass, the cardboard that makes up the boxes comes from sustainably managed forests.

Why do I like these products? Already for the smell! As soon as you open a product, a slight smell of sweet almond emerges. This smell is my own Proust madeleine. Then I would say for the simplicity but the efficiency of this range. I like the ultra clean packaging, the textures, the look on my skin.

My favorite product: the exfoliating mask. Its delicate smell of sweet almond from rice powder, its ultra-soft gel texture which turns into milk on contact with water which provides a very gentle exfoliation. He never leaves me. 

See you soon at Biutiful or on biutifulshop.com to discover the whole range :)