What will your summer scent be?

Welcome to the wonderful world of summer fragrances!

With the arrival of sunny days, it's time to embrace fragrances that evoke summer and let yourself be transported by bewitching scents. We are going to explore the different olfactory notes that characterize this sunny season. Whether you're drawn to refreshing marine scents, juicy fruity scents or intoxicating floral mists, you'll find what you're looking for among summer essences.


marine scents perfume

The call of the waves: marine scents

There is nothing like the smell of the sea to remind us of holidays and sunny days spent on the beach. Marine fragrances capture the essence of the ocean with aquatic and refreshing notes. Imagine yourself living la dolce vita by strolling along the coast, your hair blowing in the wind, wearing a perfume that evokes the sea breeze and the spray.


Our selection :


Maison Margiela - REPLICA - Sailing DayA dip in the ocean on a summer day. A light warm breeze fills the sails and guides the boat towards your next adventure. Sailing Day is a real invitation to explore the ocean.
Aquatic notes in the head, with floral notes in the heart.


Maison Margiela - REPLICA - Beach WalkBeach Walk scent evokes the memory of a summer day, with radiant notes of bergamot, coconut milk, musk, pink pepper and ylang-ylang. A warm perfume of heliotrope, coconut milk and musk combine to create a fresh, beachy scent. Enjoy the vivifying moment of a walk along the ocean. Feel the sand rubbing your feet and the waves touch your legs while a warm breeze is ruffling your hair. The sun caresses your salted skin. Solar and warm.
Fresh and sparkling notes of bergamot and lemon with a heart of green and sweet notes of Ylang Ylang and coconut milk.



floral scent perfume

An enchanted garden: floral scents

Flowers are the heart of summer and their enchanting scent is impossible to ignore. Floral fragrances evoke lush gardens and romantic summer evenings. From intoxicating jasmines to sweet orange blossoms, floral essences are a true invitation to seduction.


Our selection :


Antoinette Poisson - Beloved: "Bien Aimée", with floral and powdery notes, is an invitation to stroll through the alleys of the gardens of the Palace of Versailles with its scents of orange blossom, cedar and ylang ylang. It is the bouquet of Lilac, Jasmine, freshly cut flowers on the arm of La Pompadour, one of the female figures of the court of the Sun King.


Aesop - Rōzu : "Rōzu", a softly intense floral trail, perfect for the adventurous spirit of nomads. A story of dialogue between the Rose for the floral side, the Shiso which brings a green character to the perfume and the Bois de Gaïac for the roundness of this fragrance. 


fruity scented perfumes

Sun-kissed fruits: irresistibly gourmet flavors

Summer is the season for juicy and sweet fruit. What could be better than finding them in our perfumes? Fruity fragrances bring an explosion of flavors to our olfactory routine. From tangy lemon notes to sweet pineapple scents and raspberries, there's a fruity scent for everyone.

Our selection :

Margiela House - REPLICA - On A DateThe perfect rendezvous overlooking the magnificent vineyards of Provence on a late summer evening. On a Date Eau de Toilette is a sensual composition that celebrates the nostalgia of a summer love. We start with sweet notes of blackcurrant and bergamot passing through floral essences of rose and geranium to end with a green touch of patchouli and vetiver.

Maison Margiela - REPLICA - Under the Lemon Trees : This eau de toilette is the memory of a sunny getaway in a field of bright lemon trees. A siesta under the lemon trees, in the shade of their refreshing green foliage. A parenthesis with the scent of dolce vita. Under the Lemon Trees by Maison margiela invites us into its Mediterranean garden filled with citrus fruits and aromatic plants: lemony aroma of Kalamansi, the fresh touch of petit grain and the herbaceous note of coriander.



Summer will smell divine 

Summer is a magical season to explore new scents and get carried away by fragrances that evoke innocent pleasures. Whether you opt for refreshing marine notes, indulgent fruity scents or bewitching floral essences, you're sure to find a fragrance that captures the essence of your summer. So let yourself be transported by these fragrances and create your own olfactory story. Don't forget to enjoy every sunny moment!