Elisa's beauty routine: L: A Bruket hydrating mask

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Wearing a mask compulsory?

Ok, so I choose the hydrating mask with seaweed extracts from LA BRUKET !!

More seriously, the cold, the wind, the dry air from the heaters, pollution… are all factors of dehydration of the skin. And all skin types, even oily skin types, need to be hydrated.

That's why I try, at least once a week, to bring a good dose of hydration to my skin, thanks to a scrub / mask treatment that gives it an immediate boost of radiance!

I start by exfoliating my skin to remove dead cells and impurities, and boost the effectiveness of the treatment that will follow. I use LA Bruket's # 50 Face Scrub Petitgrain, it's a sea salt scrub (don't panic, the grain is quite fine!), Which you massage until all the grains are dissolved. Sweet almond oil protects and softens the skin while petitgrain rebalances it. It is the perfect exfoliant for combination to oily skin for its rebalancing, refreshing and astringent effect.

We rinse, and the skin is freed of its impurities, smooth and soft. Ready for The Mask!

My favorite mask in terms of hydration is n ° 205 Hydrating Mask With Seaweed Extracts, a fabric mask, more precisely in bio cellulose, designed from ultra fine cellulose fibers produced by microorganisms during from the fermentation of coconut juice.

It is super loaded with active ingredients, and its composition is just TOP! Natural and organic like the rest of LA Bruket products. It is soaked with 24ml of serum containing extracts of algae, rich in minerals, which detoxify, xylitols (sugars), which hydrate and regulate the rate of humidity, hyaluronic acid, which hydrates the skin instantly and silica that regulates and maintains hydration throughout the day. These ingredients are known for their ability to trap and retain water.

To use, it's quite simple: you have to open the bag and unfold the mask, remove the first protective layer, and place the mask on the face, then remove the second protective layer. We leave it on for 20min, avoiding crossing our reflection in the mirror (because we are still a little scared!). It's nice, super fresh, no tight feeling that some masks can get that dry during installation. Finally we remove it, no need to rinse, we massage to make the excess of the serum penetrate. And here we are with super hydrated, plumped skin and a healthy glowing complexion! 

Elisa uses:

L: A Bruket - Petitgrain Face Scrub n ° 050
L: A Bruket - Hydrating Algae Extract Mask n ° 205
L: A Bruket - Chamomile & Lavender Facial Cream Light n ° 186