Talm by Manon, not Mom

"To all the mamas" but not only!

I am not yet a mother, have never been pregnant and have never breastfed, but that has never dampened my desire to test such beautiful Talm products. I said to myself that if the range was suitable for baby, it should be for me too?

And I did well to try, because I can't live without it... 

My favorite is the mega-oil.


Already it is magnificent, it sits in my bathroom as a real decorative piece.

Second, it is really effective. What I like the most is that it is multipurpose, both for the face and for the body. It can be used as a day care, a night care, a serum, an anti-stretch mark care or a moisturizing body care. I use it in face care - every morning and every evening, I apply a few drops of product like a moisturizing cream - and in body care; No more crocodile skin, I already feel it infinitely more supple and super well hydrated.

And then there was this precious collaboration with photographer Vincent Ferrané... It gave rise to a series of photographs that celebrate the bodies of moms and the power of what they do: a beautiful declaration of love ❤️ 


So I assure you, even if you are not a mother, the Talm range is also made for you!


Text: Manon / Biutiful Creative Studio.