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Botanopia or in other words the brand that transforms small seeds into giant trees.

Based in the Netherlands, Botanopia reinvents the way seeds are grown through original botanical accessories. First by creating porcelain cups for growing seeds in water, the brand now offers various items: from tutor to stationery through fertilizer. Kernel of avocado, mango, lychee, walnuts, chestnuts, peanuts, beans, cactus, and many more, with Botanopia everything is cultivated, you just need to add a little water, patience and a lot of love. 

In this article, we will talk about avocado or rather how to cultivate its seed.

- For this, you will need to use the germination cup Botanopia, in size L, which is simply placed on the opening of a glass or a small vase. Made of porcelain, by hand in Europe, the cup allows the pit to be suspended just above the water level, to be able to develop the roots without rotting the seed. 

See the size L germination cup



Tip: Peel the pit, remove the small brown layer, this will speed up the germination process by a week or two. If after this the seed turns green, no need to worry, it has just been in contact with the light. 

When the kernel has germinated, beautiful leaves appears and long roots sprouts in the water, what remains to be done? 

- If you like to see the roots grow through water, you can leave it as it is, the plant will live as well as in the soil, provided you renew the water regularly (1x / week) to oxygenate it. To provide the plant with all the necessary minerals and nutrients, add a few drops offertilizer. The one from Botanopia is made from organic sugar beet, but all types of non-chemical and organic fertilizers can be used. 

- You can obviously put your plant in the ground. You will then need a pot, with a drainage hole, otherwise add ceramic balls to the bottom of the pot to facilitate drainage, and potting soil. Place a little potting soil at the bottom of the pot, integrate your plant then fill the rest with potting soil. The depth of the core in the earth does not affect the growth, in depth or on the surface, it is an aesthetic choice. Once adulthood has reached and completely emptied of its energy, the seed naturally decomposes and is reabsorbed in the earth. 

 For a more leafy and wild result, you can plant several pits in the same pot.

- Be sure to frequently water the plant during the first weeks, in order to integrate it as well as possible into its new environment. Do not hesitate to prune the stem, at any height, to encourage the growth of the side branches and make the plant more garnished. 


How to germinate avocado pits to grow into plants, super simple method using supplies you already have in your kitchen de Botanopia.


Being a tropical plant, the avocado tree prefers to live in high temperatures. It is therefore necessary to expose it to the sun throughout the year and to leave it indoors if the temperature is below 10 °. If the leaves are turning red, the plant is getting too much light, so try to filter it more. 

In Mexico or Chile, under ideal growing conditions, it takes at least 7 years for the avocado tree to mature and produce fruit. If you were thinking of enjoying your own homemade guacamole with avocados harvested in your living room, I'm afraid it might be a little tricky, at least in Annecy or any city where the climate is not tropical. 

So grow your avocado tree for pleasure, for love of nature, because it is fun and beautiful to grow living things with your own hands. On top of that, you will have a wonderful plant in your living room. 


Growing has never been so easy and fun. The brand also offers kits, tips and various tools that will allow you to cultivate your own floating forest. To offer or to discover for yourself, Botanopia is sure to appeal to nature lovers. 

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Text: Sarah / Biutiful Creative Studio - Photos: Botanopia