[Video] The Sentara Holistic rollerblade: beauty through stones

Text: Thaïs / Biutiful Creative Studio - Photos: Thaïs / Biutiful Creative Studio - Video: Sarah / Biutiful Creative Studio

For several years now, I have paid great attention to the products I use. I have adopted a “less is more” routine, with carefully chosen products that are good for me, my skin and also the planet. The roll-on, also called roller, fits perfectly into the boxes! It is a beauty product that does not contain plastic or endocrine disruptors, that does not need electricity to function and that is eternal!

The roll-on was a real discovery for me and it is now an essential part of my beauty routine, a real addiction. I feel 100x more beautiful after using it (and no I'm not exaggerating). It can make a lot of laughs, my guy first who still does not understand my addiction to "these stones" but believe me if I had to go to a desert island and take only one thing and well that would be my Sentara rollerblade!

If you are still new to the subject then here are a few lines to enlighten you on this object which will soon be your essential. Because yes, beauty is a question of energy!

A roll-on is a small stone roller widely used in Chinese medicine. It gives a smooth skin texture and fades the signs of aging. The new alternative to cosmetic surgery! Less revolutionary, I grant you, but so much more natural. And for those who do not yet know me very well and know that me natural is what I prefer!

This little roller smoothes fine lines and wrinkles, re pulp (for real). He does everything to make our skin beautiful.

At Sentara Holistic, there are several stones:
Rose Quartz: anti-aging and firming virtues.
Black Obsidian: regenerates and heals the epidermis.
Rock crystal: stone of clarity and radiance, restores radiance.
White Jade: stone of wisdom and purity. Harmonizes and balances the skin.

For my part, I have the Sentara rock crystal rollerblade. According to the legends, this stone comes from a celestial water which would have frozen eternally (a bit like my skin since the use of the roll-on, frozen forever;)). It is the stone of clarity and radiance, it amplifies our inner light and diffuses our beauty. The use of crystals in your beauty routine allows a real personalization of needs, we are attentive to our own energies. Beauty then becomes rich in meaning. The roll-on balances our energy to reveal our deep beauty and gain in luminosity.

Why am I addicted?

A simple swipe on the face and I feel like new. My skin is radiant, my dark circles reduced. I have the impression of having a complexion of an infant, very fresh all pink. It's my little daily rendezvous with myself! HAPPINESS 😍 Miracle products do not exist, but since I use them my skin has stopped aging (yes yes).

User manual :

To do morning and / or evening. It's like everything, we have nothing for nothing so if you want maximum results the best is in the morning AND in the evening! (and we don't cheat we stick to it EVERY day). If you follow us a little, you know that we do not miss any dead ends in our beauty routine, that is to say:

A good hand washing, a good make-up removal (in the evening), a good cleansing, we then use a tonic or a floral water to come to perfect the cleansing and to remove the last impurities present in the water. We apply a serum then our cream, for my part I use the organic care oil from On The Wild Side, and THERE we release our magic weapon, the Roller Sentara.

It includes two rollers, a large one for use on wide areas like the cheeks, forehead and neck and a narrower one for small areas like the eyes.

We always make movements from the bottom to the top, the goal being to improve blood and lymphatic circulation, reduce skin inflammation, tone and smooth the skin but also firm the oval of the face. The fact of using it on top of your treatments brings the advantage of facilitating their absorption but also of activating their actions even more.

And for all those who are not convinced, I advise you to do only one side of the face, then look at yourself in the mirror. The result is stunning and that's what will make you want to do it every day.

So let's start again, always from the bottom up, first one side of the face then the other. We pass several times in the same place, between 5 to 10x (or more eh). On the eye area, we press lightly at the level of the sinuses (it feels really good). For the forehead, you can either start from the bottom of the forehead and go up, or you can start from the middle and go outward. And we don't go back and forth, we always go in the same direction, we always lift the roller to return to the starting point of the movement.

And to better understand, nothing like a video: