Talm par Manon mais pas Maman

Talm by Manon but not Mom

I'm not a mom yet, have never been pregnant and still haven't breastfed but that has never dampened my desire to test the beautiful pr...

Conseils d’utilisation du Ridoki

Ridoki : How to use it

The ridoki is a very powerful tool of Traditional Chinese Medicine originally used to revive the Vital energy (= Qi) (the meridians ...

Les Parapluies Anatole par Sarah

The Anatole Umbrellas by Sarah

In Biutiful we have the accessory of the moment, an essential to always carry with you: the Anatole umbrella! So I know, an umbrella gives ...

Ma routine Aesop par Joséphine

My Aesop routine by Joséphine

I like to let my skin breathe. Basically I don't put on makeup on a daily basis and I admit that I don't have a beauty routine (for my older boy ...

Nouvelle bougie Trudon : Mary

New Trudon candle: Mary

Let's discover one of Trudon's new products, the Mary candle. In tribute to Mary Shelley, writer and author of “Frankenstein”. Writer,...

Dégustation du sirop de concombre Bacanha

Bacanha cucumber syrup tasting

Cucurbitophobics (those who have a phobia of cucumber yes yes) refrain because I am going to talk about cucumber or more exactly cucumber syrup ...