7 super cool and easy ways to wear your Soie Meme silk scarf

If there is one accessory that's too often forgotten, it is the silk square. And yet! They exist in so many sizes and colors, there is so much you can do with them; and here is my selection of Soie Meme: XNUMX different sizes and multiple ways to wear them.

With the scarf SUNSET SURF ROSE XNUMX x XNUMX Soie Meme:

I love to wear accessories in my hair. Problem is that it's hard to style; my solution is the silk square. By reading this article, you will discover my three favorite tutorials (suitable for long or short hair with or without bangs!).

The knot :
First of all, the knot, which can be worn with your hair tied up or loose, is super simple and super effective! Start by folding your silk square to create sort of a loooong ribbon. Pass it under your hair, at the top of your neck, and join the two ends in a nice knot above your head.
My advice: tie two knots to make sure that it stays on as long as possible!

Ponytail :
For this look you will have to do the same thing as you did for the previous one. Fold your silk square into a ribbon, once you've done it, you can use it to tie your hair in a ponytail.

The pirate :
Then comes the “pirate” look. It has been very trendy for a couple of months, and is also very easy to achieve. Same as for the knot, fold your Soie Meme square diagonally to create a triangle shape. Place the bottom of the triangle against your forehead and tuck the tip at the back of your head. Join the two remaining tips over the fabric at the back of your head and tie a bow.

With the CIRQUE BLEU MARINE scarf 86 x 86 by Soie Even: 

The X :
Make a ribbon, place it's the middle in the middle of your back. pass the two ends of fabric back in front, cross them over your chest, bring it to your neck and then tie a knot to secure it. And you are done !
Tip: Depending the size of your chest, you can use a larger silk square! :)

The drape:
Take your silk square Soie Meme and place with the back of the pattern facing you. Tie both ends in your back where your waist is then, tie the other two ends behind your neck. And Voilà !

The double triangle:
Fold your square diagonally, place the triangle facing you with the top down, and tie both ends of it behind your back, around your waist. Take one of the remaining tops in each hand, and tie them behind your neck by shifting them to create an original collar!

With the SURF MULTICOLOR scarf 126 x 126 by Soie Meme: 

The bag :

Create a knot, at each top of your silk square Soie Meme, at about 30cm (adjust the number according to your desires). Once you have done that, join the straps two by two to create the handles of your new bag.

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Text and photos: Joséphine / Biutiful Creative Studio