Favorite of the week: Nüssa Purifying Exfoliating Powder by Thaïs

With the sunny days that have set in and the heat - let's not talk about the masks on top of it - my skin tends to shine more easily and I hate the shine. Nothing better than a little detox from time to time to try to remedy it.
A new product recently appeared in the Nüssa range, a brand that I have loved since day one with its sleek look, its ultra clean compositions but also, and I won't hide it from you, a point that has a great importance for me, the scents. And so at Nüssa, between the sweet vanilla scent that reminds me of the scent of my Corolle dolls, orange blossom, all these scents so sweet, so subtle but at the same time so bewitching. I LOVE 😍 😍 😍
The product in question (because I'm rambling) is the Purifying Exfoliating Powder. The promise: "soft, silky skin, tight pores and a matte complexion." »Exactly what I need.

Nussa Purifying Exfoliating PowderIf we look a little at the composition we find organic oats which is a powerful soothing and antioxidant active. Particularly recommended for delicate and irritated skin but also for acne and problem skin. Birch sap is the granular agent of this formula. It allows a gentle exfoliation. It has a strong absorbing and mattifying power, however it is an ultra soft active ingredient that does not attack the skin. And finally the gardenia flower, which brings the blue color to the product but not only. Indeed, this exotic and rare flower brings comfort to the skin by smoothing and regenerating it.

The Principle (nothing complicated 🙃)
On cleansed and cleansed skin, mix a large dab of exfoliating powder with water. In contact with the latter, the powder forms a soft and creamy paste. Then come to massage the face as well as the neck with the mixture.Nüssa by ThaïsRinse well and ideally make a mask behind.
I like to do Tata Harper's hydrating floral mask, mix the purifying side with the exfoliant and hydration with the mask. Rehydrating your skin after exfoliation helps stimulate cell regeneration

My opinion after several uses (but valid from the first): The mattifying aspect is incredible !!
The exfoliation is soft and light which is perfect for my sensitive and reactive skin. My new darling to purify my skin 🍃


Text and photos: Thaïs / Biutiful Creative Studio