The Trudon Revolution perfume by Joséphine

Notice to lovers of crackling scents, I have the perfect perfume for you.

If you like the smell of smoke once you have cracked the firecracker that was in your papillote, the embers of the fireplace, something that smokes, smacks, explodes and leaves no one indifferent.

Ladies and Gentlemen, discover my favorite Trudon perfumes: Revolution.

Its head and heart notes are simple yet present enough to soften the gunpowder scent to perfection with Elemi and Angelica. These are the base notes that make the soul of this perfume with Cedar, incense and papyrus.

As Trudon describes it, it is like “a smoke announcing a beginning”, one feels the fireworks, the tension which explodes after being mounted, it is a raw, unique, sensual and complete perfume.

It is a rather masculine perfume, but if you are like me and you enjoy wearing authentic perfumes that are out of the ordinary, no matter your gender, it will charm you;)

Discover the Trudon Revolution perfume

Text and photo: Joséphine / Biutiful Creative Studio