Our tips for welcoming summer with confidence and beauty

Text: Céline

The holidays and the swimsuit seem light years away, but whatever, it is still possible to dream that they will arrive sooner than you think. And since we have more time for ourselves (in any case we want you to) and that in Biutiful and La Superbe, we have everything you need to properly prepare your skin, body and mind, here are our tips to welcome summer in all serenity, and in all beauty:

By taking the time to make scrubs: for the body, Tata Harper's is as soft as candy. Divine scent and ideal texture, it leaves the skin magnified and ready to be hydrated. 1 to 2 times a week before a good hydration.
Tata Harper smoothing body scrub

For the face, our latest arrival in store is unanimous: the L: A Bruket face scrub.
Easy and pleasant to use, it is suitable for all skin types.

It leaves the skin luminous, silky and free from its winter gloom.
We never hesitate to make a mask after the exfoliation, this is the best time to reap all the benefits.

For a toned and hydrated body on a daily basis, use MY THERAPY oil, rich in anti-cellulite active ingredients. Ideal for draining and firming tissues.
Massage your entire body, starting with the tips of your feet and going up, with invigorating movements!
My Therapy Grapefruit Toning Body Oil

We have a DETOX CURE, thanks to ARCHIV 'cider vinegar, your ally for slimming and good health. When you get out of bed, a generous tablespoon diluted in water (preferably filtered :-)) and presto, the day can begin.

TAKING CARE OF YOUR FACE, if you are telecommuting (or just at work for that matter) the revolutionary novelty of our favorite brand of clean makeup is a new ESSENTIAL. It is an anti blue light protective filter, which fixes the makeup, refreshes the complexion and maintains hydration. Available in pocket size, to have it with you at all times.

We prepare our feet with a homemade pedicure: the pedicure packs from Kure Bazaar, with its disposable impregnated socks are perfect for pretty feet without effort. Apply this mask once a week (after scrubbing your feet well, with the Tata Harper body scrub for example), you ask yourself, and you keep the product for the duration of a film or a book,
The Natural Pedicure Ritual Kure Bazaar

you then do a little work on your nails and you are ready to discover the new Kure Bazaar colors: among them, the JAVA nail polish makes you want to take a spritz by the pool, and if you close your eyes very strong, you can almost get there, as if you were there, straw in your mouth. (the spritz should be consumed in moderation, the clean kure varnish, without)

And to do it all, every week, dress up in the most comfortable and softest outfit, the Goa Saffron from Love and Let Dye!

Here, the beauty - well-being - chill advice and why not reading, cinema or music, we will try to give you often, do not hesitate to tell us what you would like, by email, by phone, by insta message.
Stay strong, we miss you, take care of you.