Favorite of the week: Fleurs d'Hiver, the fusion of flowers and honey by Thaïs

Text and photos: Thaïs / Biutiful Creative Studio


I am a real addict of tea, infusion and also honey. So the two combined, infusion + honey, it's my miracle remedy for rainy, feverish days, well whatever!

When we received the infusions Winter flowers shaped like herbal, flower and honey lollipops, obviously I jumped on them to find out. And of course I love it! ( And in addition it is very very beautiful 😍)
Winter flowers infusion

Winter flowers, it is therefore infusions with caramelized honey, all organic and / or from wild picking.

Charlotte - a Frenchwoman based in London - fascinated by flowers and natural materials, turns to wellness and alternative medicine, to create poetic, useful and comforting products. Committed to a responsible production method, it works in short circuits with French and English producers.

For my part, I first tasted the elderberry infusion. A floral and naturally sweet taste. Namely that the Elderberry is an ally in case of flu, sinusitis, bronchitis or any infection of the respiratory system. It is a powerful anti-inflammatory and stimulant of the immune system. It's beautiful, it's good and it's useful 😉 

These infusions are real poems, the honey that melts and leaves the flowers to unfold naturally in hot water, it is the rebirth of flowers!

Charlotte collaborated with the ceramist Laurene Jeannette to create a bowl to accompany this moment of relaxation. Thanks to its particular shape, it curls up in the palm of the hand.



Aromatic plants and honey, for infusions as pretty as they are exquisite!

Infusions [ Blueberry & Lemon Balm, Mountain Tea & Thyme, Mallow & Mint, Chamomile & Thyme, Lavender & Lemon Balm, Blue Peas & Sage, Elderberry & Mint, Elderberry, Rose Petal & Verbena ] and the Laurène Jeannette bowl can be found in store only!