Bacanha cucumber syrup tasting

Cucurbitophobics (those who have a phobia of cucumber yes yes) abstain because I am going to speak of cucumber or more exactly of the Bacanha cucumber syrup.

Bacanha sells tasty syrups, with tastes more appetizing than the others. They are organic, handcrafted in France, with natural flavors and extracts, hard to beat! The little extra of these syrups is that they can accompany your recipes, your cocktails or your lattes.

So yes, cucumber syrup tastes just like cucumber but it's mostly fresh, light, and it changes from the classic tastes that we know by heart!

I am going to show you different ways to taste it and you'll, for sure, find your favorite!

The classic way: syrup with fresh water. Simple but delicious.

The Virgin Tonic, the refreshing alcohol-free cocktail!
- 2cl of cucumber syrup
- 2cl of lemon juice (or lime)
- 10cl of tonic
- Add ice cubes and mix!

Cucumber Gin Tonic, please drink responsibly.

- 2cl of cucumber syrup
- 4cl of gin 8cl of tonic
- A few drops of lemon or lime
- Add ice cubes and mix!


Discover all the flavors offered by Bacanha, to drink alone or as a recipe!



Text, photos and video: Sarah / Biutiful Creative Studio